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Heart and Mind demonstration day care center is collaborated with senior infant and toddler experts, and it is also a laboratory of Beijing Heart and Mind Teacher Education Center (BHMTEC). As the pioneer of China's community day care practice and exploration, Heart and Mind is committed to creating a set of high-quality community daycare management, education, nursing and service system, and taking the model daycare as the model base, to radiate the scientific education concept and method to the whole country.


The main characteristics of the demonstration day care center are:


Being Respectful and Caring


Being respectful and caring is our core value, because we believe educare program for young children is a work that need love and respect, since our work is not just give care to the children, but also, we shape lives, shape the critical period and the foundation of the life. As we know, even just a word and a action from the caregiver and teacher can directly shape the children’s brain and influence their development. Thus, we take these two values, supporting the children is our mission. We see families are our partner to bridging the school and home . We see our teacher are live builder who create loving atmosphere to love our children, partner, and teacher themselves. 


Cultivate Goal


be the best self


Create a better world


The goal of cultivating Heart and Mind is to cultivate inner and outer development. Inner support: Cultivating children to become the best of themselves not only has a good cognitive level, but also has valuable non-intellectual qualities such as optimism, independence, self-confidence, studiousness, tenacity and problem-solving ability. Outreach: cultivate children to be a beneficial member of the society, acquire politeness, empathy, cooperation and behavioral norms, so that children can integrate into the society happily and become a positive person.


Our uniqueness:


Persuing Professionalism


Heart and Mind has a good reputation and influence in infant education industry. Our Montessori teacher training program has double certification issued by American Montessori Society (AMS) and Chinese Society for Education (CSE). All the teachers of Heart and Mind are certified infant toddler trainers and teachers by AMS or are in the process of training. Over the years, Heart and Mind work in the forefront of high-quality infant toddler education, not only has a theory as guidline, but also has been widely recognized by the industry successful practice. The core founders of Heart and Mind often give speeches at various professional infant toddler education conferences to share their deep thinking and successful experience with the majority of peers. In recent years, Heart and Mind have been making breakthroughs, and they have made serious exploration in the field of high-quality education for infant and toddler.  They are pioneers and pioneers of high-quality education in the field in China. Their demonstration day care center has become the AMS full member school of AMS.


Full International Member School of AMS


Fine Educare


Infant and toddler’s safety, health, nutrition, care and disease prevention is the foundation of the healthy development of children, Heart and Mind see it as one of the most important work, in accordance with national infant physical development indicators, fusion of international advanced Pikler, RIE care nursing idea, draw lessons from Japan and Taiwan, to form our own unique, full of love, the refinement of education and care system.


Our services include but are not limited to:

专业保健医指导服务 on-site professional nurse.

每月一次儿童体检 children’s physical examination once a month.

绿色食材安全渠道 green good.

专业厨师烹制儿童营养餐 professional chef for children’s food.

新风系统保障空气安全 air purifier system to make sure fresh air.


Internation Montessori Curriculum System


Heart and Mind day care program curriculum are based on research on the brain development of infant and toddler. We use curriculum system from AMS as core curriculum while integrate into the bilingual education, picture book theme activity, physical training and natural education, and formed the Heart and Mind’s unique curriculum system.


Young children can only grow healthily in an appropriate environment, especially infant and toddler, their development is very fast, their environment has to match their developmental needs. Heart and Mind pay attention to build an appropriate environment. Classfication is based on observation on their age and developmental level, age is not the only consideration. We assess the children during the routine, and we provide suggestion for class promotion as they grow up. Our main class are:


Niddle class (6-18m)


For one hour at a time, it provides systematic courses that take into account both personalized and social development. Through the prepared environment and the support of professional teachers, it encourages children's sensory motor development and satisfies their desire for environmental exploration, so as to promote the development of brain, body and mind. The course also integrates music, art, sports, language, cognition and other topics to make the course not only scientific, but also interesting and meaningful. There are more than 30 professional parenting topics to share with parents face to face, support parents to become children's growth partners.


IC class (12-30m)


Divided into half - day classes and full - day classes, parents can choose according to the child's situation. Our goal is to help the children complete the transition from family to collective life, so that children in a happy and relaxed collective life to take the first step of independence. In this class, children can not only explore and absorb freely in the environment with rich sensory stimulation and bilingual output, but also have a leap in the development of movement, language and cognition. At the same time, it will also internalize the stable daily process and form regular work and rest habits, which is the basis for the formation of good habits. Independence is one of the important goals of this class, starting at the beginning of the day, the children will learn to take off the clothes and shoes and hats, independent trying to take food and dining, practicing the skills of oneself toilet, learn to take care of oneself and others and the skills to take care of the environment, and master these skills is the most important task, children at this stage is the beginning of their towards independence and confidence.